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Quiz Buzzer Lockout Player System

Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games
based on 40 years of design experience

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Power Information


A power pack is included with all our buzzer systems and tabletop timers. The following picture shows a power pack used with outlets found in the USA and Canada. For customers with different outlets, we offer a universal power pack (click here).

ORDERING A POWER PACK: To order a replacement power pack, you can use the "replacement parts" order form for your system, or use this form (click here).

If you're in a hurry or if you're outside the USA,
a local source may be your
most-economical option.

You don't have to buy a power pack from Novel Electronics to power your buzzer system... power packs from RadioShack, BestBuy, or any computer store will also work.

RADIO SHACK NOTE: Avoid the Enercell 12V supply, P/N 273-358;this power supply will cause the buzzer system lights to be dim.

Suggestion: Print this page and take it
with you when you shop for a
replacement power pack.

Here's the information you need to select a power pack for your system. All our products (past and present) have the following power requirements:



Output Voltage 12VDC @ rated load
(open-circuit voltage may
be as high as 18VDC)
Regulated? doesn't matter
(unregulated works better)
Is the output AC or DC? must be DC
Size/Dimensions of Power Plug 2.5x5.5mm  power plug
(See illustration below)

Output Current

Pick a power supply that has sufficient current for your system (see following table)



(pick a power pack that can supply this many milliamps)

Deluxe (100,200,300) link 1500
Team-Box (II, III) link 1000
1-2-3 link 800
Traditional link 600
10-Player link 500
2-Player link 400
3-Player link 500
4-Player link 500
Tabletop Timer (300) link 600


Power Plug for ALL of our products.
Dimensions in millimeters (inches).



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