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Quiz Buzzer Lockout Player System

Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games
based on 40 years of design experience

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Adding Hand-Held Buttons to
"Traditional" Buzzer Boxes



Buzz-in two different ways
with our "traditional" player boxes:







Player can press the button on top the box, or...


Player can press a hand-held button attached to the box with a 3ft cord.


These are the same hand-held buttons
we use with our Deluxe system.

The durable 3-foot cords are
permanently attached to the player box.



$10 per box when ordered with a new system.
For example, an 8-player system with hand-held buttons is:

8-Player system: $299
Hand-held buttons: 8 x $10 = $80
TOTAL: $299 + $80 = $379

How do I include the hand-held buttons with my system?
See the "option" on the order form immediately beneath the system descriptions (click here).

Already Have a "traditional" (or 1-2-3) system and want to add hand-held buttons to your player boxes?

Hand-held buttons can be added to all "traditional" player boxes.  Price to add the button is $12 each player.
* The new button and cord is warranted for 2 years.
* To order, see appropriate "upgrade" order form for your system.
   >>> "Traditional" System: click here
   >>> "1-2-3" System: click here


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