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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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These Accessories are available for
the "4-Player" Buzzer System
(all parts are listed on the order form)



  Hand-held Pushbutton

These buttons can be used for remote reset and the manual timekeeper function (to lock players out when time expires). Buttons have 5ft cord.

$15 each



  Slam Tabletop Activator
Hit it with your hand or step on it with your foot! Plugs directly into player modules. Can be used by one or many players. Durable all-metal construction.

$30 each



  Cable Extender
Extends a player cable 15 feet.

$5 each



  Remote Pause
Prevent players from buzzing in before the moderator finishes asking the question.

Press the button to disable the system, set the control to PAUSE; when you're ready for players to buzz in, flip the switch to RUN.





  Multi-System Cable Kit
For owners of two or more systems.
Includes two 15ft cables and a 2-way "Y" connector, allowing up to 3 systems to be connected.




  Digital Tabletop Timers

* Connects to buzzer system.
* Easy to see across a large room.
* Specially designed for our Buzzer Systems!
* Locks out players when time expires.
* NEW November 2012: timer for Science Bowl.

Get the timer with your system, or add it later.

Question Timer

Match Timer



  Carry Case (zipper-closure)
The 4-Player has so few parts that you may not need a carry case...

...but if you add buttons, slam switches, or you just want a nice case for storage, we offer a very nice, padded carrying case for this product!




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