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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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The face-off console
with slap-pads

"2-Player" Face-Off
 Buzzer Console

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The 2-Player
Face-Off Console...
is our simplest lockout system and is great for detecting the player who responds first - perfect for games like Family Feud.


Players compete by pressing their activators - the system sounds and a bright light shows the first player.
The first player's light stays lit until the console is cleared for the next question.



Hand-Held Button

"Slap" Pad


$125 system

$175 system


Each player has a durable hand-held button.

and convenient!

Each player has a super-durable slap-pad activator.

Perfect for quick, aggressive competitions!


Bright lights on the front of the console show who was first.   Lights on console top show those behind the console who was first.

No computer needed!

Instant Response -
No delays
No Ties Possible
Bright Indicators -
perfect for a large room
AC Powered - no batteries
Audible tone when player rings in
Different tone for each player
Lamps will never burn out
2 year warranty


Remote Reset Button
Instead of clearing the system by pressing the button on top of the console, use this button to remotely reset it. Hand-held button has a 5ft cord, and we include a 15ft extension at no extra charge ($4 value).




Connect your buzzer system to a P/A Sound System for really big sound!

As it is, the system makes
 a beep tone for each player.

If you need more loudness for a larger room, this option lets you connect your Face-Off Buzzer to an amplifier or mixer.
Perfect for large rooms or televised events.
RCA-style jack; electrically isolated from buzzer electronics. Note: This output must be connected to a high-impedance amplifier input (it will not work connected directly to a speaker).




Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee: Review product for up to 15 days - make sure it's right for your application. Details - click here.

Warranty: The Faceoff system comes with a two-year limited warranty (parts and labor). For warranty, click here.


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