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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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3-Player "Game Show"
 Buzzer System


hand-held button

 Hand-held Buttons and Big Light



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  1. Setup the System

Version with optional hand-held buttons and big-lights shown.
Arrange player boxes.

Connect Cables from player
boxes to front panel.

Connect power and moderator
button to the rear panel.

  2. Select Timing Mode

Timing Option #1: Classic (manual timing)

When set to "Classic" mode, the system lets the first player to ring-in immediately.

The control console makes a distinct ring-in sound for each player.

Flip switch to left - the green indicator will light.

The player's light will stay lit until the system is cleared (either by pressing the button on the console top, or by pressing the moderator button plugged into the rear panel).


Timing Option #2: Game Show (automatic)

When set to "Game Show" mode, the system's automatic game-show timing is activated.

This mode closely mimics game shows:

Flip switch to right - the red indicator will light.

   * Players cannot ring-in until signaled by moderator
   * Players who ring-in before being signaled are penalized
   * When time expires, moderator locks players out by pressing button
   * First player's light stays lit until moderator clears system

How "Game Show" Timing Works


[1] Moderator
reads question

The lights on the console are off and players cannot ring-in.

Don't jump-the-gun!
Players who try to ring-in before the lights are lit are penalized (see below).



[2] Time for Players to Ring-In
After the question has been read, press the Moderator Button to allow players to ring-in.


[3] The lights are lit!
Players can ring-in when the green console lights are lit.

Penalty Feature
Players who jump-the-gun and try to ring-in early are locked out  for 1/4 second (giving other players a chance to ring-in).


Time Expires?
If no players ring-in before time's up,
moderator can press button to lockout all players.
Following button press, system is ready for next question.



[4] Player Rings In

The first player's light comes on immediately.

The control console makes a distinct sound-effect for each player.

The first player's light on the control console is also lit.




[5] Player has Answered the Question
When player finishes answering the question, press the Moderator Button to clear system for the next question.

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