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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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"Line-Up" Buzzer System
chain-link convenience
capacity: 4 teams, 7 players/team

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4 5 6 7






4 5 6 7






4 5 6 7






Price includes durable carry case!



"HOW IT WORKS"  video - 4 minutes




The "Line-Up" System ...  


...is a versatile quiz-lockout system with capacity for 4 teams -- up to 7 players per team.
Players compete by pressing a hand-held button.
The system beeps and the first player's box lights. All other players are locked out. No ties!
The first player's light stays lit until the system is cleared for the next question.
This system is ideal for competitions where  teams of players are seated side-by-side.

Photo shows our 1st-generation chain-linked system,
but concept is the same for the Line-Up system.



What are the main features
of the Line-Up System?


It's a wired system
maximum reliability - no interference, ties, or delays
* no computer needed *

One long cord powers each team
no tangle of wires between controller & player boxes

Ultra-Reliable connectors for player boxes
nothing to break - durable cords

Bright Lights on player boxes
good visibility

Hand-held button for each player
uses our popular quiz buttons



How the Line-Up System Works


Player boxes are connected with short cords


System accommodates up to four teams

Two Teams

Three Teams

Four Teams

300-2x5-schematic-sm.gif (4576 bytes)

300-3x5-schematic-sm.gif (7550 bytes)

300-4x5-schematic-sm.gif (7675 bytes)


Controller sits on center table &
 long cord connects to each team.



Setting Up Each Team is Quick & Easy


Step One:

Arrange team of
boxes on table



Step Two:

Link boxes
with 2-foot cords

a long cord connects team to controller



Step Three:




Operating Modes


find the first player
player's light comes on - all other players locked out

"bonus" mode
light all the players on one team


System Components

Player Box
& Button


Bright light on box top
Status Light  --  Pushbutton Jack




Reliable DIN Plugs


2-foot player cord

20-foot team cord



Bright status indicator

"Mode Switch" disables system during breaks

Bonus control button

Reset button

2-position loudness button


Team cords plug into rear panel


Feature Summary

No Computer Needed

Instant Response - no delays

No ties possible

Long-Life bulbs

7 player-per-team capacity

"Bonus" Mode - light full team

AC Powered - no batteries

1/2-second ring-in tone

Compatible with our quiz timers

2-Year Warranty

Durable carry case



Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee: Review product for up to 15 days and make sure it's right for your application. Details - click here.

Warranty: The "Line-Up" System has a two-year limited warranty (parts and labor). For warranty, click here.


What's Included


Unboxing Video  (2 minutes)



Example: 2 teams of 5
These items are
included with the system:

Carry Case
Player Boxes
Player Boxes
Power Pack
2-ft Cord
go between boxes
(8 pieces)
20-ft Cord
1 per team
2 pieces)
(qty 12)
User's Guide
laminated card
(not shown)

shown: 2 Teams of 5



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