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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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Push Button

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Our Hand-Held Push Buttons...
are durable activators for Game and Hobby applications.

Description This is our custom-made handheld push button (also called a  "thumb switch" or "thumb button"). These buttons are included with several of our products, but we also offer them to businesses and hobbyists in need of a hand-held button.
The handle is 1-inch diameter, and the length of the housing is approximately four inches (dimensional info here).

Our stock pushbutton has a 5-foot cord with an RCA pin-plug termination. Cord extenders are available (see order form).

Handheld thumb switch.

Operation &

* Momentary --
   Normally open, push-to-close.

* RCA molded pin-plug
 (other terminations are available)

Detailed Specs See details at this link.

Length &

Cord Length

  5 ft* 15 ft 25 ft 50 ft

Wire Size (AWG)

  22 22 18 18



Quantity Pricing:



  $15 $20 $25 $30


  $14 $19 $24 $28


  $13 $18 $24 $28

The "5-foot" cord is our stock option.
Custom termination and cable lengths are available.
Please call or email for details.


Do you have a REALLY AGGRESSIVE competition? Or perhaps a game where many different players can buzz in at the same station??

Consider our Slam Switch as a pushbutton alternative!

Slam Switch

(click picture for more information)


Ideal for other applications!

Looking for a hand-held button
for your application?

Our pushbuttons are used in numerous applications,
ranging from games to audio/visual equipment.

Detailed technical specs: click here

In need of a button for medical applications?

Our handheld buttons are not designed for
medical applications or industrial control.

For an example of handheld buttons for medical applications,
please take a look at this link:




Other Options

Please email your requirements for a quotation
(our email address is here).

Save money by using your own cord!

Obtain the parts needed for the button assemblies from us, then add your own cord.

Customer-specified Termination:

We can build pushbutton assemblies for your application - you specify cord length and type of connector.

Custom-Length Cords:

Terminated or unterminated, any length other than our stock 5-ft length, up to 50ft. Longer lengths are available.  (please account for voltage drop with long cords)





Warranty: The Hand-Held Push Button comes with a 90 day limited warranty (parts and labor). For full details and terms of warranty, please click here.


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