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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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The "Who's Next?"
Buzzer System
find order players ring-in


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The Who's Next? Buzzer System records the order that players ring-in.

Players who ring-in after the first player can be called in the order they rang in if those who rang in earlier get the wrong answer.

The following narrative describes how the system works.

  • Players ring in and are called on in the order they rang in.
  • The moderator advances through the players by pressing the moderator button.
  • At any time, the moderator can clear the system for the next question by pressing and holding the moderator button until the system chirps.

Who's Next?
How it Works
(4 min video)

  The system is cleared -
all players can ring-in.
  The 1st player rings in -
the system beeps and the 1st player's light comes on.

While the first player is answering the question, the 2nd and 3rd players ring-in and are placed on the list.

  The 1st player gave the wrong answer.
Press the MODERATOR BUTTON to find out Who's Next.


  The 2nd player also gave the wrong answer.
Who's Next??
Press the MODERATOR BUTTON and find out.



While the 2nd player was answering the question, the 4th and 5th players rang in and were placed on the list.

  The 3rd player got the wrong answer, too!
Let's see Who's Next ...
again, use the MODERATOR BUTTON.


  The 4th player gave the right answer!
We are ready to clear the system for the next question.
Press and hold the MODERATOR BUTTON until the system "chirps".



The system is cleared and ready for players to ring-in for the next question.



Using our Tabletop Timer
 with the Who's Next System


Our tabletop timers are compatible with our Who's Next lockout system.

Please refer to this document for special instruction (click here).


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