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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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Science Bowl Timer
(for questions and match)


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These videos show
how this timer works.

Video- Match Timer Overview - 6 min


Details (alarms and setting times) - 6 min


Using the Match Timer

Step 1: Connect the Timer to your Buzzer System


An 8-foot cable connects between the timer and the buzzer console.

Remote control has 15-foot cable (can be extended to any length)


click diagram for picture of connections.

Step 2: Timing Your Quiz

  The Match Begins
Press the START button at the top of the console. The match timer will begin counting down.

Toss-Up Question
Press TOSS-UP button to start toss-up timer.

Bonus Question
Press BONUS button to start bonus timer.

Timer display shows active timer.
If no timers are active, the time remaining in the match is displayed.

Press break to pause the match timer and display time remaining in break.

Click on picture for larger view of controls.


Adjusting Timers

  Each of the four timers can be easily adjusted. Instructions for changing the times are printed on the timer lid.

The Bonus Alarms are enabled/disabled with this same procedure.

Instructions are on lid for quick reference.


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