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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $99 !!!
(to addresses in the lower 48 states)


Paying With PayPal

Advantages, Notes, and Instructions

Enjoy the convenience of PayPal
when placing an order!

  • Secure Transaction

  • No transaction fees

  • No paper forms to fill out

  • You get email confirmation when order is processed

  • Access funds from credit card or bank account

  • No faxes

  • No need to call and confirm receipt of order
    (unless this is an expedite order, see next section)


Electronically send payment for your order to us using PayPal.

Our PayPal account is  orders@BuzzerSystems.com

Specify the product and quantity in the "message" block. You can use part numbers and/or descriptions of the products. If we have any questions, we'll get in touch with you.


1. Log into PayPal at http://www.PayPal.com

2. After logging in with your PayPal ID and your password, click on the tab "Send Money"

3. There are 2 pages that you need to review and fill out when sending money. On the 1st page, fill in the following information.

* To: orders@BuzzerSystems.com
* Type in Amount
* Choose USD - US Dollars
* Select the "purchase" option and click on "goods"

4. On the 2nd page, fill in the following information. Note: scroll down to the lower half of the page and follow these instructions.

(PayPal pages valid as of October 2009)

We will contact you via email as soon as we've received notification from PayPal regarding your payment. When we send confirmation, we will let you know when your order will ship and an estimate for when it will arrive.  PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME we have received your order until you receive confirmation from us!

Please contact us before sending money with PayPal. We will provide quotation for your entire order (including shipping). The best way to contact us for international rates is via email - service@BuzzerSystems.com


EXPEDITE ORDERS (orders with overnight and 2nd-day shipping):
(1) Contact NED at 309-224-9945 to discuss expedited shipping options. We will provide shipping quotation.
(2) Use PayPal to send funds
(3) Please call and confirm that your order has been posted to our PayPal account. Please do not assume we have received your order until you've obtained confirmation from us (via phone or email).

For expedited orders, we apologize for the inconvenience of needing to call and confirm, but we do not want a miscommunication or a missed email to delay your order.

INVALID ORDER: If we receive an invalid order (parts we do not sell, invalid amount, shipping fee missing, etc), we will cancel the transaction and you will receive a full refund to your PayPal account. You will not incur a penalty from PayPal if this occurs. We will send you an email explaining why the order was rejected.


Customer Service



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