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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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Looking for repair parts?
Click here for parts and service
information for each product.


Please call in advance! ***
We do not always have appropriate personnel
available for all levels of service.
We can arrange to meet customers at any time (even during off hours) to take care of any service needs.
Thank you!

Obtaining Service

Our buzzer systems are designed
for many years of service,
but at some point, service may be needed.

#1: Please call us before returning your system (our phone number is listed on our "contact us" page).  Let's discuss the malfunction and determine which parts need to be returned for repair.

In many situations, the entire system does not need to be returned.  However, if your system "has seen better days", please consider an overhaul (see details below). We can take care of the immediate problem without you having to diagnose it, and we can also inspect for other problems, too.

#2: If we determine parts need to be returned, please ship parts to the address listed on our "contact us" page.  We will  repair and return the components as quickly as possible.

#3: PLEASE include a note with whatever you return summarizing the problem and the name and address where we should send the repaired part.  Thank you!

#4: When making a shipment to BuzzerSystems.com, we suggest using UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, or Priority Mail.

When one of our systems has a problem, 95% of the time the problem is a worn-out (or damaged) cable.  If your system is malfunctioning, please make sure all of your cables are clicking securely into the controller and the modules.

Cables can be replaced or repaired.  Please see the "parts" order form for your system for cable replacement and repair information (click here for the forms).

Want to learn more about repairing cables? Click here !

If your system is three years old or older, we recommend that you return it for an overhaul.

Our comprehensive overhaul is the hallmark of our customer service. Our goal is to rejuvenate your equipment to like-new condition - you'll get many more years of use from your system.

Let the experts at NED bring your system back to "like-new" condition! Click here for full details!


Customer Service



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