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Quiz Buzzer Lockout Player System

Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games
based on 40 years of design experience

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Deluxe System Player Module
(picture shows side which faces player;
the pushbutton cable plugs into the connector)


The Deluxe System provides a module for each player. Player modules have the following features:

  • Bright, easy-to-see lamp on the top of each module
  • Detachable pushbutton
    Compatible with our handheld button, table-top activator, or any normally-open momentary switch.
  • Easy-to-replace lamp
    Lamps are common, miniature bulbs
    2 spare lamps are included with each system
    HOWEVER, you will probably never
    have to replace these long-life bulbs.
  • Durable, Industrial-quality enclosure... super high-impact plastic
  • Two Diagnostic LEDs
    Player modules have two LEDs to assure the player that their module and pushbutton are functioning properly at all times. These LEDs significantly reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot the system... intuitive use of these LEDs allow you to quickly isolate the cause of a problem.

(green LED,
 left side of module)

This LED lights when the system is in the "run" mode (i.e., the system is ready to identify the first button press). This LED is useful for two reasons:

(1) if a cable isn't properly installed, the READY indicator on all modules "down-stream" from that cable will not light

(2) the READY indicator will not light until the moderator resets the system (therefore, players know immediately if the moderator begins a new question but has not reset the system).


(red LED, above pushbutton connector)

This LED lights to give the player a visual indication that his/her button is functional.

This LED lights when the button is pressed, whether or not the player was the first to press his/her button.



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