Hand-held Button

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10-ft: $18    15-ft: $20
50-ft: $30

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Hand Held Button

Perfect for game and hobbies

Our latest-generation of hand-held buttons.
High-quality button with durable cord.
Made for our lockout systems that accept push-button activators.

This button is NOT a USB button!
It does not plug into a USB port.


Less than 1/2 the price of a new button!
We repair older worn-out buttons.
Quick and Economical!
Send us your buttons … we replace all the worn parts.

Order your Button Repairs here:
Button Repair

Other Applications

Perfect for Games and Hobby Applications

Durable Button Housed in High-Impact Plastic Handle

This custom-made handheld push button (also called a “thumb switch” or “thumb button”) is popular with businesses and hobbyists in need of a hand-held button.

Cord is terminated with an RCA plug.

Button is normally-open (contacts close when button is pressed)

The handle is 1-inch diameter, and the length of the housing is approximately four inches.
See complete dimensional info here:

Button Dimensions

Other Technical Information:
Switch Description: momentary push-to-close
Switch Rating (AC): 3A @ 125VAC, 1.5A @ 250VAC
Max AC Voltage: 250V
Switch Rating (DC): 24VDC @ 10A
Max DC Voltage: 24V  please note low DC voltage
Initial Switch Resistance: 0.050 ohms
Cord is 22AWG for lengths up to 15 foot;  18AWG for longer lengths.


Save Money by Using Your Own Cord
Install your own cord to our button assemblies.
Please contact us for price and options.

Customer-Specified Termination
Let us build push button assemblies for your application – you specify cord length and type of connector.
Please contact us for price and options.

Custom Length Cords
Terminated or unterminated, any length up to 50-ft.

Not for Medical Applications!

Our handheld buttons are durable, but they are not designed for medical applications or industrial control.

Here’s an example of handheld buttons for medical applications:  Click Here



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