Hand-held Button




Cord Length:
3-ft: $15
5-ft: $15
10-ft: $20
15-ft: $20
50-ft: $30

Replacement Buttons

Our latest-generation of hand-held buttons.
High-quality button with durable cord.
Made for all of our lockout systems that accept push-button activators.

Other Applications

Perfect for Games and Hobby Applications

Durable Button Housed in High-Impact Plastic Handle

This custom-made handheld push button (also called a “thumb switch” or “thumb button”) is popular with businesses and hobbyists in need of a hand-held button.

Cord is terminated with an RCA plug.

Button is normally-open (contacts close when button is pressed)

The handle is 1-inch diameter, and the length of the housing is approximately four inches.

Button Dimensions


Save Money by Using Your Own Cord
Obtain the parts needed for the button assemblies from us then add your own cord.
Please contact us for price and options.

Customer Specified Termination
We can build push button assemblies for your application – you specify cord length and type of connector.
Please contact us for price and options.

Custom Length Cords
Terminated or un-terminated, any length up to 50-ft.

Not for Medical Applications!

Our handheld buttons are durable, but they are not designed for medical applications or industrial control.

Here’s an example of handheld buttons for medical applications:  Click Here


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