Upgrade: Convert Old “Deluxe” System to Line-Up System

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We are offering
this service again!

2x4: $350  |  2x5: $390
2x6: $430  |  2x7: $470
"2x5" = 2 teams, 5 players per team
Other sizes available, please call.

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Upgrade your older 
Deluxe “Chain-Link” System
to our latest Model!

Approx 1/2 the price of a new system

Are you interested in our new Line-Up Lockout System?

Click for Line-Up System Details

Do you have an older “deluxe chain-link” lockout system you’d like to upgrade?

Our “deluxe” system was a popular lockout system we made for 25 years.
Players on a team were linked by short cords.
We took that same concept and created the Line-Up Lockout System.

The Line-Up – compared with the original “deluxe” – has radically improved connectors.

quiz buzzer cords RJ45 phone DIN plugs upgrade


Similarities between the old and new systems allow us to offer an economical upgrade.
We re-use many parts from your old system and pass that savings on to you!

Here’s what we do:

We take your existing system, strip out the old circuits, and install all-new electronics.

Then, we replace your grey cords (the ones with ethernet “phone” plugs)
with our new yellow cords (with tab-less plugs).

What Changes?
♦ Replace circuits in main box and player boxes
♦ New Player and Team Cords (tab-less design)

quiz lockout cord plug daisy chain DIN connector CM600 SC600

What Stays the Same?

♦ Identical Features & Function
♦ Daisy-Chain Wiring
Chain link player boxes 2 teams

♦ Player box and light in front of each playerCM-400 quiz lockout game box waiting to buzz in

What do we reuse from your old system?
♦ Hand Buttons
Hand button clicker for quiz jeopardy games lockout
♦ Plastic Boxes for Players and Controller
♦ AC Power Pack
♦ Carry Case

Questions and Answers

“What systems are eligible for the upgrade?”
Our daisy-chained system we called “deluxe” and “chain-link”.
These were manufactured between 1994 and 2019.
The player boxes used grey “ethernet” cords and looked like this:

The CM-400 chain link deluxe quiz game player box with hand button.

“Does my system have to be complete?”
We need as many parts as possible for the upgrade. We need all the player boxes and the control box. If some grey cords are missing, no problem.  If a button is missing, that’s not a problem.
The upgraded system will be complete and ready to use!

“Does my old system have to work?”
No!  This might sound too good to be true … but we’re going to replace all the electronics anyway. 

“Will my tabletop timer work with this new system?”
Yes. It will function exactly the same way that it did with your old system.

“What do I need to send?”
Send your complete system — boxes, buttons, controller, power pack, cords.

“Do I need to send my old carry case?”
You can, but sending the case is optional.
It’s a little less expensive to ship the system without the case.
If you don’t send the case….
(1) please look through all of our case (including pouches and pockets)
(after years of use, it’s common for old parts to be tucked away)
(2) pack all the pieces tightly so they don’t rattle around in the box.

“How long does the upgrade take?”
Depending on our schedule, upgrades take 1-2 weeks. Please allow extra time for transit.
If you have a tight schedule, call and we can check our schedule.

“Does the upgraded system have a warranty?”
Yes! Your upgraded system has a one-year warranty.

“I have other questions you didn’t mention!”
Please call or email. We’d be glad to answer your questions.

Price includes:

♦ Upgrade Your Complete System
(as described above)

♦ Shipping back to you


Two Different Ways to Pay
(credit card or purchase order)

Using A Credit Card:
Click “order” at the top of this page.
Then process your order.

Using A Purchase Order:
If so, please see note at bottom of this page.

Sending us your old System
Send your system to us with a printout of your order!
For shipping, we recommend:
♦ Postal Priority, UPS (or FedEx) Ground

Our Shipping Address is listed here:

Shipping Address

Again — please include a printout of your order so we know where to return your upgraded system!!

Any Questions??? Please call or email!

Special note for Purchase Orders

If you are using a school purchase order, do NOT place the order on-line.
For POs, all you need to do is include the PO paperwork in the box with your your system.
We will bill your school when we send your upgraded system back to you.

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