Upgrade: Add “Who’s Next?” Functionality to your “Traditional” System




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Add “Who’s Next?” Functionality
To your “Traditional” System

Upgrade your control console and save.

Owner of our “Traditional” quiz lockout systems can only detect one player ringing-in at a time. If you need to detect the order that that players ring in, you can upgrade your system’s control console … without buying any new parts!

player boxes for quiz games press button on box

In other words, we can add all the functionality of our WHO’S NEXT quiz lockout system to your “Traditional” system.

System shows the ORDER that players buzzed in.

A nice feature with the upgraded console:
It has TWO operating modes:

“1st only” (like your system presently has)
♦ “Who’s Next?” Mode (so you can determine order of button presses)
Easy to use!
Set the operating mode with a rocker switch on the control panel.

For a complete description of the “Who’s Next?” System, please visit that product’s information page and watch the video where we demonstrate how it works.

“Who’s Next?” Product Page

Here’s what we do:

We take your existing control console and we add the “Who’s Next?” Functions.

Here is your existing control box:

We replace the lid and the control panel, as shown here:

quiz lockout who's next multi-player console

Your upgraded control box still has the same player connectors it always had:

Remote Control for your System!

We also include a hand button (and 15-foot extender).
This hand button gives you the same functionality as the button on top of the box, but at a distance!
Advance through the players (in the order they rang in), or reset the system for the next question.

Hand button clicker for quiz jeopardy games lockout

This button plugs into the “moderator jack” on your console’s new control panel.

Price includes:

♦ Upgrade Your Control Box
(as shown above)

♦ Hand button & 15-foot cord extender

Your power pack, player boxes, and cords are 100% compatible with your upgraded controller.


Two Different Ways to Pay
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Using A Purchase Order:
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Sending us your Controller
Send your controller to us with a printout of your order!
For shipping, we recommend:
♦ Postal Priority

Our Shipping Address is listed here:

Shipping Address

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Special note for Purchase Orders

If you are using a school purchase order, do NOT place the order on-line.
For POs, all you need to do is include the PO paperwork in the box with your your controller.
We will bill your school when we send the unit back to you.