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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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Tabletop Quiz Timer
 (for questions only)

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"Pause" Version
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The Timer 300
Tabletop Timer

A comment from a Timer 300 Customer:

"It is, no doubt, the best timer for this activity. I thought I would be telling you that it might not work, but it works incredibly well .... I have even used it in my class for a nice, easy-to-see timer for experiments and activities."

Tom Egan
Scholastic Bowl Coach & Physics Instructor
Maine South High School
Park Ridge, Illinois

The Timer 300 was designed quiz competition. It is a fully-integrated timer with all our buzzer systems.

The Timer 300 connects to the buzzer system console and has two primary functions:
1) Displays time remaining during a question
2) Automatically locks out all players when time has expired

The Timer 300 and
its remote control

Additionally, the Timer 300 has a hand-held remote control that enables the moderator to start, stop, or pause the timer. The remote also allows the moderator to change between pre-set countdown times... all without touching the timer console.

Resetting the timer also resets your buzzer system -- you can control your competition all from the timer's remote control!




Fully Integrated with your buzzer system

Gives your buzzer system full timer control.
* Designed especially for quiz bowl competition
* Timer automatically locks out players when time has expired.

Stand Alone

Put the timer where it's most visible. Timer can be placed up to 8 feet away from buzzer console (extensions are available if longer distances are needed)

Bright, 2-inch digits

Easy to read across a large room.

Wide range of times

Countdown can range from 3 seconds to 9 minutes 59 seconds (9:59). Times are easily programmed from controls on top the timer. Accurate! Timer has 0.1 second resolution.

Three user-programmable pre-set times

Change between 3 timer pre-sets at the touch of a button. Timer remembers pre-set times even after it's unplugged! No programming needed at the start of a tournament.

Easy to use!

Works just like a stopwatch. One button starts the countdown; another button clears the timer.

Remote Control

You can manage your buzzer system and timer all from the timer's convenient hand-held remote!

Moderator can start & reset the timer --- all without touching the console! Moderator can also use remote to change between pre-set times.

hand-held remote has
15-foot cable.

Compatible with all our Buzzer Systems

Can easily be added as an accessory to an existing NED buzzer system.

No Risk

Two year warranty, NED's 15-day evaluation period applies.

Comes with everything you need

NOTHING EXTRA TO BUY!  Timer includes ballistic-nylon carry case, power pack, 8-foot interconnect cable, remote control, 15-foot remote-control cable.


Two Timer Options Are Available...
Which Option is Right for You?


Why are there two timer options?
Groups and organizations have different rules for timing during their competitions. Therefore, we have two different options. Please look carefully at these options and determine which is right for you.

Your timer doesn't do exactly what we need. Can a "new" timer be made for my tournament format?
It's likely we can adjust the way our timer works for almost any format. Please email us and we'll assign an engineer to study your application and see if it's feasible.

But won't a customized timer cost a lot extra?
Not necessarily. It all depends on the complexity of your format. Please give us a try!

Option One Option Two

 Timer stops when
 player buzzes in

Timer continues countdown
when player buzzes in


* Timer pauses when player
   buzzes in

* If first player's answer is
   incorrect, press GO
   to clear first-player's light
and continue timer countdown.

* Timer locks out all players
   when time expires.

* Timer continues countdown
   while player buzzes in and
   answers question

* If first player's answer is
   incorrect, press GO to
   clear first-player's light.

* Timer locks out all players
   when time expires.


Why would you want this option?

* Mimics a stopwatch
   (click here for details)

Why would you want this option?

* Players on opposing team
  do not get extra time to
  contemplate answer

* Illinois High School
   tournament format

Video: Timer that pauses

Video: Timer that continues running



click for detailed informaton! click for detailed informaton!


Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee: Review product for up to 15 days - make sure it's right for your application. Details - click here.

Warranty: The Tabletop Timer comes with a two-year limited warranty (parts and labor). For warranty, click here.


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