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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

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"Big Lights" for
"Traditional" and "Who's Next"

makes player lights easier to see
Includes hand-held button, too!


Player Box Options

The player boxes that come with our stock "Traditional" and "Who's Next" quiz lockout systems have lights mounted to the top of each box (as shown at right).

These lights are suitable for classrooms or competitions in smaller rooms.

Stock player boxes have lights on box tops.


Big Lights are available in


When your competitions are in larger roooms -or in well-lit areas- we have an option that makes the player lights easier to see.

As shown below, we install a bright, automotive-grade light to the side of each player box to make each player's light more visible.

Player lights come in RED and AMBER.
Pen is shown to give an idea of how big the lights are.

These lights use LED technology and will never burn out.
If a light ever has problems, please contact us for service.

Cost and Availability

The cost to add the "Big Light"
to each player box is $15 each.

Price includes a detachable
handheld button.

Please see order forms
for "Big Light" option.

An amber and red module connected to a control console.
(picture shows an older 12-player controller)

Up to 16 players can be used with
the "Traditional" and "Who's Next" system.

Two Options in One
"Big Light" and Hand-held Button

Boxes with the "Big Light" option include
a hand-held button (as shown below).

Player can press the button on the box or the hand-held button.
If player was first to ring-in, the big light on the box with illuminate.

The hand-held button plugs into a connector
on the back of the player box.

Cost and Availability

To get both the hand-held button and the big-light option on you player boxes, the total cost per player is $20.


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