Amplifier Output

Several of our products have the option for an AMPLIFIER OUTPUT connection.

These outputs connect to a P/A amplifier or a mixer. The signals are line-level, meaning they will not drive a speaker (the signal needs to be amplified).

The signal connectors are RCA-style (as shown here). You may need an adapter plug (or adapter cord) to connect our lockout system your sound system.
Note: the internal speaker sounds whether an external amplifier is connected or not.

“2-Player Faceoff”: External Amplifier connects to optional AUDIO OUT jack (lower-left side of panel)


The output signal is the same signal that’s fed to the internal speaker, but the output signal first passes through a built-in isolation transformer. The outer ring of the RCA jack is NOT grounded to our system. This prevents ground loops and possible noise-coupling from the lockout system’s power pack.

quiz game lockout audio output amplifier
The optional audio output from our systems is an RCA jack.

Signal Amplitude: approx 1Vrms w/ 5K load (output impedance approx 800 ohms)


We’ve had many customers who do not connect directly to an external amplifier. Instead, they put a microphone close the quiz lockout console and amplify the sound the box is making.