Audio Output

Several of our products have an AUDIO OUTPUT connection.

These outputs connect to a P/A amplifier or a mixer. The signals are line-level, meaning they will not drive a speaker (the signal needs to amplified).

The signal connectors are RCA-style (as shown here). You may need an adapter plug (or adapter cord) to connect our lockout system your sound system.

“2-Player Faceoff”: External Amplifier connects to AUDIO OUT jack (lower-left side of panel)


The signal available at the connector is an isolated (transformer-coupled) version of the signal being fed to the speaker inside our lockout controller. The outer ring of the RCA jack is NOT grounded to our system (to prevent ground loops and possible noise-coupling from the lockout system’s power pack).

Signal Amplitude: approx 1Vrms w/ 5K load

The internal speaker sounds whether an external amplifier is connected (or not).


We’ve had many customers who do not connect directly to an external amplifier. Instead, they put a microphone close the quiz lockout console and amplify the sound the box is making.