Using a Purchase Order

Questions and Answers

“Do you accept purchase orders? What are your terms?”
Yes, we accept purchase orders. It does not slow down the processing of your order. Our terms are “net 30” … which means we ship your product right away, we bill your institution, and payment is due in 30 days.

“My business is tax exempt!”
Include a copy of your business’s state-issued tax exemption form with your order. For Illinois customers, here’s a link showing what those forms look like: click here.

“Will you accept my purchase order?”
We accept purchase orders from schools, churches, businesses, and government agencies. We honor PO’s from public and private schools. All PO’s must be from institutions in the USA or Canada. Note: we accept PO’s from locations outside of the USA/Canada, but those orders must be pre-paid. Please send us an email if you have questions or need an exception.

“I want to use a purchase order. What do I need to do?”
Check with your bookkeeper — he or she knows your institution’s procedure. Generally, the bookkeeper will need pricing and ordering information about the product, and they’ll need our business information (name, address, contact information).

“What paperwork should I give to my bookkeeper?”
You can create an “order page” by adding products to the on-line shopping cart as if you’re doing an on-line order. Don’t worry, you’re not going to place the order on-line — once everything is listed on the “cart” page, print that page and give it to your bookkeeper.

(alternative) Each product has a printable order form that can be filled out (see the product’s information page).

Common Question:
“Are you in our system?”
We might be! We have sold to a lot of schools and school districts across the country. Here is some information that might be helpful to search for us in your vendor database:
. Legal Business Name: Novel Electronic Designs, Inc.
. Also Known As:
. FEIN (tax number): 20-8794960
. DUNS Number: 883438087

“How is the order placed?”
We must receive a copy of your purchase order. Someone from your institution needs to send the PO to us (we accept copies via mail, fax, or email — see below).

“How do I know my order has been placed?”
Please include your email address somewhere on the PO and we will email tracking information to you when your order ships. You also have the option to call/email and inquire about the status of your order.

“My bookkeeper needs a vendor application from you. What should I do?”
Email or fax a copy of your vendor application to us and we will complete it and return it to you.

“My bookkeeper needs a W-9 Form from you.”
Our up-to-date W-9 can be downloaded. CLICK HERE for our W-9 FORM.

Options for Purchase Order Submission

Fax your PO to: 800-406-8569

(include your PO as an attachment)

Novel Electronic Designs, Inc.
Attn: Orders
143 N. 3rd St
Chillicothe, IL 61523-2156