Including Extra Fees with your Order




This item allows you to order a special service 
that can be included with your order.
Do not include this item with your
order unless directed by  Thank you!!

Including Extra Fees

This page gives you an easy way to pay for special fees that are not listed with our stock products.

Use this page to include fees for any of the following:
Customized Products
Custom Orders
Special Parts
Special Handling
Express Shipping


1. In the quantity box (see above), specify the number of dollars needed to cover the special fee.
Each unit is $1.

2. In the special instructions to seller box, mention the purpose of the fee


How do I know how much to specify?
When discussing your special order, we will specify the amount needed to cover that service.

How will this appear on my receipt?
Your final receipt will show this fee as a detailed line item.
It will not be listed as a vague special fee!
Your final receipt will be emailed to you as soon as your order has been processed.