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Affordable, Premium buzzer-lockout systems for quiz games.
Premium Lockout Buzzers for Quiz Games

FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $99 !!!
(to addresses in the lower 48 states)


We keep it simple....
No Batteries and No Computer
needed with our systems!





 Slap-pad system (shown) $175

  2-Player "Face Off"
Settle your feuds!
Bright lights -
   uses rugged buttons or slap pads


w/ buttons



 Hand-held Buttons and Big-Light option - $249



3-Player "Game Show"
Perfect for stage or practice
  Works like the popular TV game show!


starts at



Quiz Buzzer Lockout Player System 1

  4-Player Console
Compact design
  Great for classrooms and training
 Includes 4 hand-held buttons





handheld buttons for

  Quiztron-3 System
(also called 3-TEAM 1-2-3)

Shows ring-in order for 3 teams

High-quality replacement for obsolete
Quiztron-3 system

Used in MATCHWITS Competitions


w/ case!




  Junior Bible Quiz JBQ
    for 6 / 8 / 10 Players

  Super Durable slap pads!
    Price includes carry case


starts at
6 players



  10-Player Quiz System
A game in a box w/ handheld buttons
  Compact - perfect for
    classrooms, practice, and games.


w/ case!



Quiz Buzzer Lockout Player System 3

  "Traditional" System
3-16 Players
A customer favorite!
Flexible layout, reliable connectors

  Light in front of each player.

    Detects first player only.


Many sizes

starts at
3 players



   Quiz Buzzer Lockout Player System 3

  "Who's Next?" System
-16 Players
Detects order of all players
   (not just the first player)
See the order that players buzz in!
   Press button to see order of players


Many sizes

starts at

3 players


        "Team Box" System
4 team capacity (5 players per team)
Hand-held buttons
  Identifies first player
    Wiring is minimized


2, 3, or 4

2 teams


          "Chain-Linked" System
(formerly "the deluxe" system)
4 team capacity, up to 7 players/team
low-profile daisy-chain connections


Many sizes

starts at

2 teams of 4



Quiz Buzzer Lockout Player System Timer

  Tabletop Timer
(for questions)

100% Compatible with our buzzers
* Bright Digits
* Programmable Times
* Remote Control

Locks out players when time expires.


w/ case



Quiz Buzzer Lockout Player System Timer

  Tabletop Timer
(for matches)

For Science Bowl competition
  Times questions and match.


w/ case



  Hand-Held Button
Great for hobbyists - 5ft cord, RCA plug
Same button we use with our products
Quantity discounts
Custom lengths & terminations available





Customer Service



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