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Slap Pad (Slam Switch)



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Slap Pad Activator

Our Slam (or “slap pad”) Activator can replace our hand-held push button in demanding applications.
The perfect activator for games like Family Feud.

This is NOT a USB-compatible switch.

Ideal for many applications, including:

Family Feud games!

Several players stationed at one light
All team players can reach out and press the button!

Quiz game slap press pad used with lockout system

Foot or Hand operated
Player can put the slam switch on the floor and activate it with his/her foot.

It’s anĀ almost indestructible switch for super-aggressive players!
The Slam Switch is perfect for the roughest players.
Popular with pubs and bars who hold knowledge games.


Designed for industrial applications, this switch is made of steel and is very durable.

The Slam Switch plugs into all NED buzzer systems that have pluggable activators.

5 Ft Cord w/ RCA Plug

Durable RCA Plug.


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