Hand-held Quiz Button

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3-ft: $14       5-ft: $15
10-ft: $20    15-ft: $25
50-ft: $30

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Hand Held Quiz Button

Perfect for quiz games and hobbies

These are our latest-generation of hand-held buttons.
These are high-quality buttons with durable cords.

These buttons are our exclusive design – only available from BuzzerSystems.com!
We use these with our lockout systems that accept push-button activators.
You’re getting the same high-quality buttons we include with our own products.

This button is NOT a USB button!
It does not plug into a USB port.


Less than 1/2 the price of a new button!
And we repair older worn-out buttons.
Quick and Economical!
Send us your buttons … we replace all the parts that wear (cord and button).

Order your Button Repairs here:
Button Repair

Other Applications

Perfect for Game and Hobby Applications.

Durable Button Housed in High-Impact Plastic Handle.

This custom-made handheld push button (also called a “thumb switch” or “thumb button”) is popular with businesses and hobbyists in need of a hand-held button.

We have many customers who use our buttons with their home-made lockout systems. They also use these buttons are after-market replacements for buttons that came with their lockout system.

We have many customers who use our buttons for a wide variety of applications.

Cord is terminated with an RCA plug.

Button is normally-open (contacts close when button is pressed)

There are many things to consider when designing a system with momentary handheld buttons. We have helpful suggestions at this link:

System Design Considerations

The handle is 1-inch diameter, and the length of the housing is approximately four inches.
See complete dimensional info here:

Button Dimensions

Other Technical Information:
Switch Description: momentary push-to-close
Initial Switch Resistance: 0.050 ohms
Switch Rating (AC): 
3A @ 125VAC, 1.5A @ 250VAC
Max AC Voltage: 250V
Switch Rating (DC):
 please note low DC voltage
24VDC @ 10A -- Max DC Voltage: 24V
22AWG for lengths up to 15 foot; 
18AWG for longer lengths.


Save Money by Using Your Own Cord
Install your own cord to our button assemblies.
Please contact us for price and options.

Customer-Specified Termination
Let us build push button assemblies for your application.
You specify cord length and type of connector.
Please contact us for price and options.

Custom Length Cords
Terminated or un-terminated, any length up to 50-ft.

Not for Medical Applications!

Our handheld buttons are durable, but they are not designed for medical applications or industrial control.

Here’s an example of handheld buttons for medical applications:  Click Here


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs

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