Rubber Feet (for boxes and consoles) pk/4


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Rubber Feet for Quiz Boxes

Price is for PACK OF 4

Ultra-Durable Rubber Feet for:

Quiz Consoles

Team Boxes
The TM-400 quiz game team box has bright indicators.

Chain-Linked Boxes
Line Up quiz game lockout player box

These feet are made of SYNTHETIC RUBBER.
They will not dry out.


When installing these replacement feet, do NOT over-tighten the screw holding the foot in place.
The screw should be tight enough so that the screw will not come loose, but not tight enough to deform the rubber foot.


The feet shown on this page are NOT for “traditional” player boxes (the black boxes).
Special feet are available for the black boxes:

player boxes for quiz games press button on box

Click here for these special feet.
Black Box Feet