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Small Quiz Lockout Systems
game shows & small groups

Larger Lockout Systems
for team competition – show 1st player only

Special Lockout Systems
show order that players ring-in

Customized Lockout Systems
made for special quiz formats

Many applications … not just quiz games!


Quiz Bowl and Game Show Buzzer Systems
BuzzerSystems is the premier destination on the internet for quiz bowl and game show buzzer systems. All products are in stock and ready to ship today. We even have accessories that make social distancing a breeze!

Our quiz-lockout systems
are popular with

Quiz Competitions
HighQ / Quiz Bowl

Sunday School
Family Night
Bible Bowl

Corporate Training
Trade Shows

Why buy your quiz-lockout system from us?
Our quiz lockout “buzzer” systems have been popular with quiz-game coaches and tournament organizers for nearly 30 years. Our goal is to make equipment that meets your needs and lasts a very long time – and if it ever has problems, it’s quick, easy, and economical to fix.

Easy to Use!
Our systems are easy to setup, operate, and take down. The complete system fits nicely into its super-durable carry case (included with many of our systems). Our systems use an AC-adapter, so no batteries are needed. And — our game show buzzer systems are stand-alone … no computer is needed!

The Price Can’t be Beat
We design, manufacture, market, distribute, and service our products. You save money since there’s no middle man. We sell directly to you – there’s no up-charge to cover Amazon or eBay listing fees.

Purchasing is Easy
We accept purchase orders from schools, businesses, and churches.
And of course, you can order here on-line (where you can use your credit card).

Buy with Confidence
Our product are popular and proven in many, many schools and churches across the country (and around the world). We have many repeat customers! For example, our products are very popular for Science Bowl competitions. Our products are backed by a lengthy two-year warranty. We offer quick/economical service when repairs are needed, and you can add players to many of our products years after your initial purchase. We also offer a “refurbish service” for several of our products — it’s not unusual for us to refurbish 20+ year old systems.

Still not sure?
We have one goal: Excellent Customer Service. Call us and talk with us about your quiz-lockout needs. We’ll listen to your requirements, and we’ll be glad to discuss options. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll try to direct you to a company that does have what you’re looking for.