Quiz Timer for Science Bowl


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This is NOT a quiz-lockout device!
This timer is an accessory
for our quiz-lockout systems.

Science Bowl Quiz Timer

Demo Video (length 6:00 — shows all features)

The Quiz Timer for Science Bowl displays time remaining in a match.

It also times toss-up and bonus questions.

Hand-held remote control included.

“Simply Awesome. I was able to reset the buzzer console, keep the time on 3 clocks… all simultaneously. It does everything that we had talked about and the kids love it.”
–Nicholas Gould, Physics Teacher & Science Bowl Coach, Lexington High School, Lexington, MA


Rear-Panel Display ($40)

Time is displayed on timer’s rear panel (see video for details).

How It Works


Timer is connected to a quiz control console with an 8-ft cord.  

User Instructions


Connects to most of our Buzzer Systems
see notes about compatibility in quiz-system descriptions

Buzzer System automatically resets following toss-up questions

Bright Digits
visible for over 20 feet

Wide Range of Programmable Presets:
1-60 min range (8 min default)
Toss-Up: 30-60 sec range (5 sec default)
Bonus: 30-60 sec range (20 sec default)
Break: 30 sec – 5 min range (2 min default)
see below for details

Audible Alarms:
Bonus – 5-sec Warning: 1 short buzz (silent by default)
Bonus – End: 2 short buzzes (active by default)
Match – End: 1 Long Buzz
see below for details

Remote Control

Adjustable Countdown Range
From 3 Seconds to 10 Minutes

Automatically Clears Lockout System

0.1 Second Resolution

Includes Carry Case

Additional Details

This video shows two Science Bowl Timer features:

Adjusting Timer Presets
Enabling/Disabling Alarms


New Feature:
Adjusting The Match Time During a Match

What’s Included

* Timer Display Console
* Remote Control (w/15 Ft cord)
* 8 Ft System-Connect Cable
* Power Pack
* Instruction Card
* Carry Case

Optional Accessories

There are no accessories for this product.

Replacement Parts

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Refurbish Your Timer

Since the timer is made up of few parts, we do not have an overhaul option for it.
If service is needed, click here:  Service

Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee:
Try product for up to 15 days – make sure it’s right for you.
Details:  Satisfaction Guarantee

This system comes with a two-year limited warranty (parts and labor).
Details:  Warranty


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