Quiz Timer for Science Bowl

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This is NOT a quiz-lockout device!
This timer is an accessory for
 our quiz-lockout systems.

Rear-Panel Display: $40

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Science Bowl Quiz Timer

Match, Questions, Bonuses, & Breaks!

Product Video (length 6:00)
Watch how timer works


The Quiz Timer for Science Bowl displays time remaining in a match.

It also times toss-up and bonus questions.

Hand-held remote control included.

User Instructions

“Simply Awesome. I was able to reset the buzzer console, keep the time on 3 clocks… all simultaneously. It does everything that we had talked about and the kids love it.”   –Nicholas Gould, Physics Teacher & Science Bowl Coach, Lexington High School, Lexington, MA


Timer is connected to a quiz control console with an 8-ft cord.
Also shown: remote control plugs into timer console.


Rear-Panel Display ($40)

With this option, time is also displayed on timer’s rear panel (see video for details).

NSB National Science Bowl Quiz Lockout Systems Timers


Connects to most of our Buzzer Systems
see notes about compatibility in quiz-system descriptions

Buzzer System automatically resets following toss-up questions

Bright Digits
visible for over 20 feet

Wide Range of Programmable Presets:
1-60 min range (8 min default)
Toss-Up: 30-60 sec range (5 sec default)
Bonus: 30-60 sec range (20 sec default)
Break: 30 sec – 5 min range (2 min default)
see below for details

Audible Alarms:
Bonus – 5-sec Warning: 1 short buzz (silent by default)
Bonus – End: 2 short buzzes (active by default)
Match – End: 1 Long Buzz
see below for details

Remote Control

Adjustable Countdown Range
From 3 Seconds to 10 Minutes

Automatically Clears Lockout System

0.1 Second Resolution

Includes Storage Pouch

no batteries computer quiz lockout feature

AC Power no batteries to change
“Stand Alone”no computer needed

Additional Details

This video shows two Science Bowl Timer features:

Adjusting Timer Presets
Enabling/Disabling Alarms


New Feature:
Adjusting The Match Time During a Match

What’s Included

Parts included with digital quiz timer

(Regular Timer Shown)
♦ Timer Display Console
♦ Remote Control (w/15 Ft cord)
♦ 8 Ft System-Connect Cord
♦ Power Pack
♦ Instruction Card
♦ Storage Pouch

The timer (and all parts that come with the timer) fit into this protective pouch.

Optional Accessories

There are no accessories for this product.

Replacement Parts

Do you need to replace worn-out or missing parts?
Click here:  Replacement Parts

Refurbish Your Timer

Since the timer is made up of few parts, we do not have an overhaul option for it.
If service is needed, click here:  Service

Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee:
Try product for up to 15 days – make sure it’s right for you.
Details:  Satisfaction Guarantee

This system comes with a two-year limited warranty (parts and labor).
Details:  Warranty

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