Canadian Shipping


All prices listed on our website are in US Dollars, not Canadian Dollars.
Due to the exchange rate, your price in Canadian Dollars will be noticeably higher than the price listed on our website. Please take this into consideration before placing your order.

Shipping Fees. Our on-line “shopping cart” will calculate your shipping after you’ve entered your address. You will see your shipping fees before you finalize your order.

We ship products to Canada via postal “priority” service. We will ship your order as soon as we can, but please be aware that transit times may be longer than usual (expect 2-4 weeks). It is taking extra time to process packages as they cross the boarder.


If you specify a brokerage service, we will put that information on the exterior of the package, but we can’t guarantee how the post office will handle it.

Tracking: You will receive tracking info via email when your order ships.
Tracking Suggestion: use the Canadian Postal website for tracking your order after the package has crossed the boarder.

What’s due at delivery? When your order arrives, the post office will collect sales tax, a postal-processing fee, and you may be responsible for some duties/customs fees (our shipping covers some of those fees). Please contact your post office to determine your taxes and other fee.

Returns: As with all our orders, shipping fees are not refundable.