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Obtaining Service

Our buzzer systems are designed
for many years of service,
but at some point, service may be needed.

#1Please call us before returning your system (our phone number is listed on our “contact us” page).  Let’s discuss the malfunction and determine which parts need to be returned for repair.

In many situations, the entire system does not need to be returned.  However, if your system “has seen better days”, please consider an overhaul (see details below). We can take care of the immediate problem without you having to diagnose it, and we can also inspect for other problems, too.

#2: If we determine parts need to be returned, please ship parts to the address listed on our “address” page.  We will  repair and return the components as quickly as possible.

#3: PLEASE include a note with whatever you return summarizing the problem and the name and address where we should send the repaired part.  Thank you!

#4: When making a shipment to, we suggest using UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, or Priority Mail.

Hand-Held Button Repair

Hand button clicker for quiz jeopardy games lockout repair

Your hand-held buttons can be repaired.
Very economical … Less than 1/2 the price of a new button.
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Grey Cord Repair
quiz lockout cord cable repair broken tabs

When one of our systems has a problem, 95% of the time the problem is a worn-out (or damaged) cord.  If your system is malfunctioning, please make sure all of your cables are clicking securely into the controller and the player boxes.

Your grey cords can be repaired.
Very economical.
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Light Bulbs

Light bulbs in our products can be easily replaced.

Replacement bulbs are available here Click Here

A helpful video (for replacing bulbs) is here Click Here


Complete information about our service is here:

Upgrades & Tweaks

Adding Hand-held Button to “Traditional” Player Box (Black Box)

For less than the price of the hand-held button, you can add this popular option to your “traditional” player boxes (the “black” player boxes shown here).

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Powering your system With a Battery

Added September 2020:
Our equipment is designed to be powered by a power pack that plugs into an AC wall outlet. But if an outlet is not available, there are other ways to power your lockout system.

Here is our suggestion.
If you have a solution you would like to share, please let us know. We’ll post it here. Thanks!


All of our quiz-lockout products (lockout systems and timers) require at least 12 volts to operate. Safe, economical, rechargeable 12-volt battery packs are used in many applications, including photography. These batteries will also power your quiz-lockout system.

Here is an overview of what’s needed:

quiz lockout buzzer battery power

As shown in the picture, the Lockout System requires a battery. And also as shown, since there’s a difference between the connectors on the battery and the lockout system, we need an adapter.

RECOMMENDATIONS does not stock these parts, nor do we profit from the links we’ve listed here. These recommendations are for the convenience of our customers.

BATTERY: TalentCell Rechargeable 12V 3000mAh Lithium ion
Price: $23
Amazon Link: [click here]
Comment: This battery has more than enough power to run a lockout system (and a timer, too) for several hours before it needs to be recharged. Larger batteries are available that will run the lockout system for even longer.
Technical Note: the center pin on the power jack can be positive or negative – our equipment accepts both polarities.

CORD: Valley Enterprises 1 Foot Male-to-Male Adapter Cord
Price (Sept 2020): $7.50
Amazon Link: [click here]
Comment: Other cords are available in varying lengths and prices. The important thing to observe when picking a cable is the dimensions of the plugs.
Also note: some batteries come with a cord, so purchasing a separate cord may not be necessary.

ADAPTER: DC Power Plug Adapter: 2.1mm jack -to- 2.5mm plug
Price (Sept 2020): $7
Amazon Link: [click here]
Comment: none

If you have any questions, please call or email.

Customized Lockout Systems

We can design and build a customized system for you.
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