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Connect Several Systems
for Big Competitions!

You can hook two (or more) quiz-lockout systems together for large competition.
The first player on one system locks out the players on all the other systems.
It’s like having one big lockout system!

Many of our quiz-lockout systems have a port labelled MULTI-SYSTEM CONNECTION.
This connection allows you to connect that system to other systems.

It’s easy to use!
The following video explains how it works.

Instructions for two (or more) Systems


Only connecting TWO Systems?

You can use an alternate cord when you’re connecting two systems.
Click button for more information (look for instructions at the bottom linked page).

Cord for Connecting Two Systems


How many systems can be connected together?
Up to 10 systems can be linked together with their multi-system connections.
Of course, this will require more than one multi-system cord sets.

Can extenders be used with the multi-system cords?
Yes! The total length of cord between the two furthest systems should be less than 200 ft.

Will this work with ANY system?
Each system must have a multi-system connection.

I have a special requirement for my meet. What should I do?
Please call us and we can discuss special provisions that are too detailed to describe on this page.

What’s Included?

This cable kit gives you enough parts to merge 2 or 3 systems (as shown in this schematic).

connecting many quiz lockout buzzer systems together

You will receive:
♦ 15-Ft Cord (qty 2) 
♦ 3-Way Adapter (qty 1)

muilt-system cord cable kit