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Push Button Repair

Hand button plunger clicker has RCA plug and long cord

Quiz buttons get a lot of wear-and-tear.
Buttons can last ten years or more.
But all buttons will eventually wear out.

Good News!
To keep your system’s cost-of-ownership as low as possible, we offer a repair service for your buttons.

Less than half the price of a new button.

What’s Included

We replace all parts that wear.
Your repaired buttons will be good as new.
Your repaired button will have our latest, most-durable switch and cord.

What gets replaced?
* the button
* the cord
* the plug

If you have an older system and a few of you buttons are wearing out, consider having all the buttons in your system repaired. It’s likely all of your buttons have been aging at the same rate, and this would prevent needing to send your other buttons later.


Determine the number of buttons you want to repair.

Two Different Ways to Pay
(credit card or purchase order)

Using A Credit Card (or PayPal):
At the top of this page, specify the number of buttons you’ll be returning.
Then process your order.

Using A Purchase Order:
If so, please see note at bottom of this page.

Sending Buttons
Send your buttons to us with a printout of this order!
For shipping, we recommend
* Postal Priority (for packages less than 5 pounds)
* UPS (or FedEx) Ground (for larger packages)

Our Address is:
Novel Electronic Designs, Inc.
Attn: Service
143 N 3rd St
Chillicothe, IL 61523-2156

Again — please include a printout of your order so we know where to send the repaired buttons!!

Any Questions??? Please call!

To save on postage when you return your worn-out buttons, cut the cords as shown in this picture. The old cord can be discarded.

We will replace the cord, so there’s no need to pay for the additional weight when you send them back.

Special note for Purchase Orders

If you are using a school purchase order, do NOT place the order on-line.
For POs, all you need to do is include the PO paperwork in the box with your your worn-out buttons.
We will bill your school when we send the repaired buttons back to you.


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