4-Player Quiz Console (with buttons)


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System for 4 Players

Demo Video (1 minute)

The 4-Player Buzzer Console is perfect for training sessions involving up to four players.
Ideal for SCIENCE BOWL practice.

Players compete with buttons on the console or hand-held buttons (included).

Easy to Use!
Players press their buttons.
System sounds and a light on the console shows who was first.
All other players are locked out.
First light stays lit until system is cleared.

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These features make this system popular with Schools, Churches, and Clubs:

Ideal for Science Bowl team practice
(team of 4)

Two Ways to Ring in:
(1) Button on Console, and (2) hand-held button

Instant Response – no delays
1/2-second Ring-In Tone
No Ties
 are possible
Bright long-life lamps

Multi-System Port
Connect to other systems for large groups

Compatible with our Tabletop Timers

AC Power – no batteries to change
“Stand Alone” – no computer needed

NSB National Science Bowl Quiz Lockout Systems Timers

What’s Included

* Buzzer Console
* Hand-held Buttons with 5 Ft cords (qty 4)
* Power Pack

Optional Accessories

This is a complete system —
 it’s ready to use as is.
However, these optional accessories may be beneficial.

Button Cord Extender (15 ft) – $4 ea
Button Cord Extender

Remote Reset Button – $15
Remote Reset Button

Remote Pause – $19
Remote Pause

Multi-System Cords – $10
Merge 2 or more sets
Mulit-Sys Cords

Slap Pad – $25 ea
Slap Pad

Carry Case – $69
Carry Case

Replacement Parts

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Refurbish Your System

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Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee:
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This system comes with a two-year limited warranty (parts and labor).
Details:  Warranty


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