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Quiz System for 4 Players

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The 4-Player Buzzer Console is perfect for training sessions involving up to four players.
Ideal for SCIENCE BOWL practice.

Players compete with buttons on the console or hand-held buttons (included).

Easy to Use!
Players press their buttons.
System sounds and a light on the console shows who was first.
All other players are locked out.
First light stays lit until system is cleared.

User Information

call us 3092249945 quiz buzzer lockout answers


These features make this system popular with Schools, Churches, and Clubs:

Ideal for Science Bowl team practice
(team of 4)

Two Ways to Ring in:
(1) button on console
(2) hand button

Instant Response – no delays
1/2-second Ring-In Tone
No Ties
 are possible
Bright long-life lamps

Multi-System Port
Connect to other systems for large groups.
Click button for more information
(including video demo):
Multi-System Details

Compatible with our Tabletop Timers

AC Power – no batteries to change
“Stand Alone” – no computer needed

NSB National Science Bowl Quiz Lockout Systems Timers

What’s Included

* Buzzer Console
* Hand-held Buttons with 5-ft cords (qty 4)
* Power Pack

Optional Accessories

This is a complete system —
 it’s ready to use as is.
However, these optional accessories may be beneficial.

Button Cord Extender (15 ft)
Button Cord Extender

Remote Reset Button
Remote Reset Button

Remote Pause
Remote Pause

Multi-System Cords
Merge 2 or more sets
Mulit-Sys Cords

Slap Pad
Slap Pad

Carry Case
Carry Case

Replacement Parts

Do you need to replace worn-out or missing parts?
Click here:  Replacement Parts

Refurbish Your System

Since this system is low-cost and made up of few parts, we do not have an overhaul option for it.
If service is needed, click here:  Service

Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee:
Try product for up to 15 days – make sure it’s right for you.
Details:  Satisfaction Guarantee

This system comes with a two-year limited warranty (parts and labor).
Details:  Warranty


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in

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