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Price is for ONE cord.
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15-Foot Button Extender

15-foot extender for quiz buttons.

This is NOT the extender for player boxes.
Click here for player-box extenders.


Can be used with hand buttons or slap pads.

Hand button clicker for quiz jeopardy games lockout

Slap Pad

Push-button and slap-pad not included!

Example of extender connected to button:


Plug on one end, a jack on the other.

Quiz buzzer extender cord with RCA plug and jack 15 feet long

Any number of extenders can be used with a button or slap pad.
We have customers who use extenders for lengths over 100 ft.

Our extender cords are custom-made to our specifications by a company we trust.

Our buttons come with a wide range of cord lengths (3-50ft).
If you always requires a longer cord, please consider activators with longer cords (so that no extension is needed).
If you need a length not listed, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Need extension for more than 30 feet?

For runs requiring more that 2 or 3 extenders (30-45 ft), we recommend using one continuous extender (e.g., audio extension cords suitable for stage applications).
Here’s an example of a longer cord: click here.
You’ll need to make sure the extender you order has the correct connectors.

Extension cords do NOT need to be high-grade audiophile cords!
But buying a durable cord will give you long-term, reliable service.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs

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