2 TEAMS – Show 1st Player on Each Team (Player Boxes, 6-16 players)

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Prices (# players):
    6: $349  |   8: $379
   10: $429  |  12: $479
 16: $619

Player Boxes
 Button & Light on Box: base price
 Hand-Held Button: add ~$10/player
 Big-Light & button: add ~$25/player

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detailsUsing a PO?

See who rings in
first on both teams!

Product Video (length 2:30)
Watch how system works


Shows first player on each team!
Only from BuzzerSystems.com!

Traditional quiz lockout shows first second player
1st player’s light is “on steady”;
2nd player (on other team) blinks.

Each player has his/her own box with light and activator.
Boxes connect to main console w/ 15-ft cords.

Each player has a 15-foot cord!

There are several player boxes available for this system.
Please see “Player Box Options” further down this page.

This system is popular with
 W5H Competitions in Canada.

Easy to Use!

System is cleared and ready for players to ring-in.

Question is asked;
First player presses his/her activator.

System sounds & 1st player’s light comes on.

Players on 1st player’s team are blocked;
Players on other team can still ring in!

Player on other team rings in.

Player’s light on 2nd team blinks.

Lights stays lit until system is cleared.
If first player has wrong answer, player with blinking light can answer.

Clear the system for next question.

We have a configuration where the first two
players (regardless of team) are shown.
Please call for more information.

User Instructions

call us 3092249945 quiz buzzer lockout answers


These features make this system popular with Schools, Churches, and Clubs:

Player’s light is on the box in front of each player
15-foot cord length

System Capacity
8 players/team (16 total players)

Add players later

♦ Instant Response – no delays
♦ 1/2-second Ring-In Tone
♦ No Ties
 are possible
♦ Bright long-life lamps

Durable Carry Case Included

Solo US Luggage durable catalog case for quiz games PV-50 school business musicians

no batteries computer quiz lockout feature

AC Power no batteries to change
“Stand Alone”no computer needed

Player Box Options

Three Configurations Available

Basic  — (base price)

Basic with Hand-Held Button — add $10 / player

Big Light with Hand-Held Button — add $20 / player
high visibility quiz lockout handheld button

What’s Included?

This video shows the “Traditional” system, but it is applicable to this system.

* Controller Box
Capacity: 16 players

* Player Boxes
* 15-ft player cords

* Hand-Held Button for Moderator
* Power Pack
* Carrying Case

Optional Accessories

This system shown above is a complete system — it’s ready to use as is.
However, these optional accessories may be beneficial.

Player Cord Extender (15 ft)
Cable Extender

Replacement Parts

Do you need to replace worn-out or missing parts?
Click here:  Replacement Parts

Refurbish Your System

Have an older system? We offer an economical overhaul for this product!
Includes comprehensive inspection and all worn parts are replaced.
If service is needed, click here:  Overhaul Details

Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee:
Try product for up to 15 days – make sure it’s right for you.
Details:  Satisfaction Guarantee

This system comes with a two-year limited warranty (parts and labor).
Details:  Warranty


Additional information

# of Players

5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16

Buzzer Options

Basic, Hand Button, Handheld + Big Light


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