EXTENDER Cord for Traditional Player Boxes (15ft)


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Price is for ONE cord.
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Player-Box Cord Extender

15-Foot cable extender for “Traditional” player boxes.

Examples of Player Boxes — ECM-400

player boxes for quiz games press button on box

Quiz Game player box with bright light and hand-held button

Includes removable adapter.

Durable construction.

Longer Cords are Available

The length of cord for ECM-400 player boxes should not exceed 150ft total.
If you have a special application requiring a long cord, please call to discuss.

We do not stock longer cords, but here is a link to company we recommend for varying lengths of cords up to 100ft long. These cords are durable and economical. 
PLEASE NOTE: the cords at this link are DUAL cords, which means one cable could serve two players.  It might also be possible to separate the cords by pulling the individual cords apart (to give you more flexibility in the way you’re using the cords).

Long RCA Cords

Please let us know if this link stops working. Thanks!