Add Box w/ Hand Button to your “Traditional” system


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Comes With:
♦ Player box (red or green lamp)
♦ Hand Button (3ft cord)
♦ Cord (15-foot)

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  detailsUsing a PO?
Replacing a malfunctioning box?
Economical Repair is available.
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Adding a player is easy!

Basic with Hand-Held Button

“Basic Box ” with Hand-held Button
& Button on box top
includes: ♦ Box  ♦ 15-ft cord  ♦ Hand Button

quiz player box with hand buttonparts

Lamp Color: RED or GREEN

Ring in with button in your hand, or the button on the box!


Hand-Button plugs into player box.
Hand-button has 3-ft cord.

Other Configurations are available!

Demo Video (2 minutes)
Shows Configurations
See the differences!


single player quiz lockout BASIC traditional EC400

For more information, click here:
 Basic Player Box


Big Light with Hand Button

For more information, click here:
 Player Box With Big Light


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Additional information

Lamp Color

Red, Green


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