Cord: 5-foot RCA-Terminated 18AWG




Price: $1.50 each
99¢ each for 10 or more!

Shipping details  
detailsUsing a PO? 

Does your project require a cord with a durable plug?

You always have the option to build your own cords…
…or you can use a professionally-made cord with a molded RCA plug .

Make your project look even better with these cords!

The RCA plug has stood the test of time. It’s incredibly durable, and it’s reliable even after 100s of mating cycles. We’ve used these connectors on our products for over 20 years and they have our exceeded our expectations.

The RCA plug is perfect for:
* Low voltage (24V or less)
* Currents less than 2 amps (these cords work well with momentary higher currents)
* Signals that are protected against short-circuits

Many Applications!

Hobbyist Projects
Durable connection – 100s of mating cycles
heavy-gauge cord reduces voltage drop

Speaker Cords
Replacement cords for small bookshelf speakers
Heavier gauge than many speaker wires!

Please Note
Unlike most cords with RCA plugs, these cords are not shielded.

Original Use
This cord assembly was custom-manufactured for us for our hand-held buttons and slap pads.

Durable hand button buzzer clicker for quiz lockout game show jeopardy
Hand button not included with cord!

Cord Details

Length: 5-foot cord
Cord Specs: 18AWG stranded “zip” cord (“lamp cord”)
Shielding: none


End 1: Injection-molded RCA Plug with functional strain relief
RCA plug closeup

End 2: 1/4-inch tinned leads
zip cord terminated leads 18AWG

Wiring Convention

RCA terminated cord wiring convention 18AWG