Custom Project: 5-Second Timer w/ beeper and slap pad


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This is a private page; custom project for  Darryl  Thompson.
Latest Specs Revision: 09-September-2021.

  • powered by AC Power Pack (included)
  • Start the 5-second timer by pressing the slap pad (see below). A small indicator light (on the side of the box) will come on when the 5-second timer is active.
  • If the slap pad is NOT pressed in 5 seconds, the box will beep for 10 seconds (and the timer will become inactive until the pad is pressed again).  Of course, the beeper will stop as soon as the slap pad is pressed.
  • If pad IS pressed before 5 seconds expires, the 5 second timer will re-start.
  • The circuit is housed in a black, plastic box, approx 6″x3″x2″.  The slap pad is permanently attached to the black box with a 3ft cord.
  • The timer will not run while slap pad is pressed.  It will begin counting down as soon as the pad is released.
Price: $55 + $7.50 to cover shipping.  No cancellations since this is a custom project.
Delivery time: ships approx 2 weeks after receipt of order.
How to order: Order on-line after you and I have finalized specs.
  • The slap pad is all-metal construction — very durable (strong enough to stand on!)
  • The complete unit is warranted against manufacturing defects and is guaranteed to operate as described above.