Custom Project: Gameshow-3, high-viz, external “player” lights


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This is a private page; custom project for Michelle Gomez, Beyond The Summit.
Latest Specs Revision: 12-September-2021.


A GAMESHOW System w/ 3 players, each with a Jeopardy-style button and a high-visibility light. Click HERE for details about stock product.   In addition, there are RCA jacks on control console into which you can connect remote “YOU CAN RING-IN NOW” high-visibility lights (one for each player).  These lights are included with the system.

Here is the RING-IN NOW light. It’s a red, high-viz light mounted on a “player box”, with an RCA jack on the back side of the box (not shown).


  • Gameshow Control Console for 3 players – customized w/ READY-TO-RING-IN RCA jacks for each player (for external lights) ** also – speaker disconnected.
  • AC Power Pack
  • red, high-viz player boxes w/ hand button w/ 3ft cord (qty 3)
  • READY-TO-RING-IN light w/ RCA jack, red light (qty 3)
  • Hand Button w/ 3ft cord (for person controlling the lockout system)

Price: $340 + $30 to cover shipping. $370 total.
Terms:  No cancellations/no returns since this is a custom project.

Delivery time: will arrive before Sept 27, 2021
How to order: Order on-line (see top of this page)

About the wires in your Truss … It is very important that the wires in the truss (associated with our player and light cords) are not connected to (1) each other, or (2) ground. Why not? Even though we use RCA connectors, the outer shell of these connectors (which is typically a shield or ground) are not grounded.
In other words: there are 3 RCA jacks for the player boxes, and 3 RCA jacks for the external status lights. You have 2 wires per RCA and 6 total RCAs, so you’ll need 2×6=12 distinct wires in your truss to carry these signals.