Hardware: split-ring lock washer, 5/8-inch (pack of 100)


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Price: $2.75 for package of 100
10 or more packs/100: 99¢ each

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5/8-inch split-ring lockwasher for electronic devices.

These washers help panel-mounted electrical components stay tight for years.

split ring lockwasher steel

Condition: new and unused
Packaging: 100 washers per bag

Here is a typical application for these washers:

But these washers can have many uses!

These washers could also be used to make your own CHAIN MAIL ARMOR!

chain mail armor DIY steel rings

While we can’t recommend armor made from these rings for actual combat, they look great!
Great ideas for medieval chain mesh fabric: click here!


Department: HARDWARE
Group: Fastener
Classification: lockwasher, split-ring, steel

Size: 5/8 inch typical
Inside Diameter: 0.63 inches
Outside Diameter:  0.75 inches

Original Use

Used with panel-mount electronic indicators.