Main Box for Line-Up Lockout System


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Main box used with both the Team Box and Line-Up systems.
NOT for “square plug” systems!

Capacity: 4 Teams (up to 7 players per team)
Does not include Power Pack.


TM600 “Team Box” System (since 2023)

“Line-Up” System (since 2020)

Uses this type of cord:
quiz game lockout cable 8-pin DIN yellow lineup


This is a second-generation control console that is compatible with:
♦ all chain-linked player boxes (since 2020)
♦ all team boxes (starting September 2023) 

Is this the right system for me?

This console is not compatible with our older products.

The earlier control console is no longer in stock.
If your old controller needs service, please contact us.


If you’re purchasing this controller to augment an existing system (for example, make a large system into two smaller systems), this console will probably need its own power adapter.
Power Adapter


We provide quick and economical service for this product.
If you have a “traditional” controller that is malfunctioning, we highly recommend calling for a repair estimate.
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