The Three-Second Light

not all quiz games need this option!

We will explain why we offer this feature,
we’ll explain how it works,
and you can decide if you need it.

Why do you have a 3-Second Light?”
There are many church leagues that have the following requirement:
When a player rings in, that player must begin answering the question within 3 seconds.
This light lets the moderator know when 3 seconds has elapsed.

“How does it work?”
The 3-second light (on the control console, shown below), turns on immediately after the first player rings in.

quiz game control box with 3 second question light

After three seconds has elapsed, this special light turns off.
Note: The player’s light stays lit until the system is reset.

Closeup of 3 second quiz game question light.

“Does it have to be 3 seconds? Could be something different, like 8 seconds?”
Yes, we can change the length of time the light stays on.
Please contact us and we can discuss options.