Slap-Button (classic style)


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detailsUsing a PO? 

Use our earlier slap-pad and SAVE!!

Round shape makes a good target to press, slap, or step on!

Convenient for one player or more.



Foot or Hand operated
Player can put the slam switch on the floor and activate it with his/her foot.

It’s an almost indestructible switch for super-aggressive players!
Have a really aggressive Family Feud game?
This Slam Switch is perfect for the roughest players.
Popular with pubs and bars who hold knowledge games.

Other Uses
Perfect for any application where you need a durable, momentary switch.

Switch Wiring
Switch is wired for NORMALLY-OPEN operation (push-to-close).
A normally-closed contact is also available for if needed (disassembly required).

All-metal construction

Cord Details

Length: 5-foot cord
Cord Specs: 18AWG “zip” cord (“lamp cord”)


RCA plug closeup

Technical Details

Based on:  Linemaster, model 491-S

Switching: 10A, 125-250VAC  (1/2 HP) *
Low-Voltage Rating: 5A @ 24VDC, max. *
Contacts: SPDT, NO, Form C contact

Dimensions (excluding cord): 2.88 x 2.5 x 1.13″ (H x W x D)

* – Note: these ratings are from the switch manufacturer and may exceed the safe rating for the cord supplied with this product.
RCA connectors are not intended for high-voltage circuits.

Previous-Generation Slap Buttons
We used this “round” style of slap button until we began making our $25 “square model”:

Quiz game slap press pad used with lockout system