Yellow Cord for Line-Up System (2 ft)


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Inter-Module Cords for Line-Up System

Used with our newer chain-link system.
These short cords go between player boxes.

quiz lockout boxes daisy chain wiring


These cords have ROUND plugs with 8 pins.

quiz game lockout cable 8-pin DIN yellow lineup

These cords are custom-made to our specifications.  The molded plugs and flexible cords are designed to last a long time.

Longer Cords are Available

Please visit this link for many choices:

When shopping for these cords, it is VERY important to look for DIN cords, but they must NOT be mini-DINs! Virtually any 8-pin male/male DIN cord will work with our Line-Up system.

If you have any questions – or want to recommend additional resources – please let us know.

Ensure these cord match your system

quiz lockout cord plug daisy chain DIN connector

These cords have ROUND plugs (our earlier systems had rectangular, ethernet plugs).

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2 ft, 8 ft


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