“Line-Up” (Chain-Link II) Quiz-Lockout System

Originally posted October 1, 2019For 25 years, our chain-link (“deluxe”) system was our premier product. We’ve retired that design and introduced an improved version. Our new “Line-Up” system raises the chain-link system to higher standards — improved electronics, interchangeable player boxes, and – most importantly – durable cords with no latching tabs. Click here for … Read more

Shipping to Canada

Originally posted February 15, 2013We have had numerous complaints from our Canadian customers regarding a mysterious (and costly) “Brokerage fee” assessed by UPS when orders are delivered. All future shipments to Canada (unless otherwise directed by the customer) will be via the postal system, priority service. Our Canadian shipping policy is here.

Revised pricing for Overhauls

Originally posted February 1, 2013We have simplified pricing of our overhaul services. Minor repairs and replaced parts are now included as part of the overhaul price. Please see our overhaul page and the respective order forms for details about each product.

Pushbutton Cables: custom lengths available

Originally posted July 1, 2011:Our handheld pushbutton is now available with custom-length cord… any length up to 50ft (the stock length is 5ft). These durable cords are terminated with a molded RCA plug.Custom-length cords are very useful in applications where extension cords would be inconvenient or costly. Prices for custom-length cables are listed on this … Read more

One Year Warranties extended to Two Years

Originally posted August 1, 2009:We design all of our products for maximum durability and reliability. Our latest products: 4-in-1, Traditional, 10-Player, 1-2-3, and Tabletop Timerhave exceeded even our reliability expectations. Therefore, we are doubling the warranty on these products from ONE year to TWO years. As a courtesy to customers who have purchased these products, … Read more